More Help for Epilepsy Sufferers

It is estimated Exeter could have as many as 950 epilepsy sufferers.

That is according to charity Epilepsy Action as it re-starts a help group in the city as demand for support grows.

Adrian Carter has Musicogenic Epilepsy which means if he hears just 30 seconds of music it could trigger a seizure. He first had symptoms of the condition 18 years ago and now he can't go into any shops that play music, be put on hold on telephones or even watch television: "I usually have to get out of a shop if there is music being played and I can be affected if I'm on the phone and you get that background music. Certain restaurants, certain pubs I usually have to ask if they don't mind turning it down or turning it off."

He continued: "I might look at you in a very blank manner, you might see me making tutting sounds or my right hand might shake a bit and then I'll just carry on talking to you and as far as I'm concerned nothing has happened."

The Exeter branch of the support group will run regular meetings and social events as well as discussions relating to the condition.

It re-launches on Wednesday 14th April at St Sidwell's Centre in Exeter from 7pm till 9pm and is open to anyone.

For more information contact Epilepsy Action's regional services manager for the South West on 01292 621 478.