More of us Using Mobiles While Driving

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary's Operation Vortex is catching around 170 people a month using their mobile phones while driving.

National figures suggest one in every 100 motorists are using a handheld phone behind the wheel.

Inspector Richard Pryce from our police says it is unacceptable, "the moment you grab that phone when you're driving, that's not an oversight, that's not a mistake that is a deliberate act. I'm really quite concerned that people think it's fine to pick up a phone while driving and absolutely deliberately commit that offence."

He says it simply isn't safe to use one while driving, "the Vortex operation that we run has revealed quite an extensive use of mobile phones whilst driving but there are so many distraction nowadays within vehicles. To add to the complexity by using a mobile phone - the distractions are immense."

To listen to our interview with Inspector Richard Pryce CLICK HERE