New Anti-social Diversion Scheme Launch

Devon is leading the way to a new Anti-social Behaviour Scheme which will be coming into force today (Wednesday 11th May) the Anti-social Behaviour Diversion Scheme is set to be the first in the country and has been designed specifically for offenders in the region.

The new scheme will be targeted at people who are given a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) for minor offences, and will give them the opportunity to attend a challenging and interactive awareness course for £40 rather than pay the £80 fine.

The courses are aimed at encouraging offenders to review their behaviour and the consequences this has on them and those around them as well to empower them to change their attitude and behaviour, offences caused. Offences such as criminal damage, shoplifting, wasting police time and behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress will all be part of the Anti-social Behaviour Diversion Scheme.

As well as the launch of the Anti-social Behaviour Diversion scheme two other Diversion Schemes which are also being launched at the same time; the new Cannabis Diversion Scheme for possession of cannabis and the Alcohol Diversion Scheme for alcohol-related disorder, which has been running in parts of Devon since December 2010 and is now being extended across the two counties.

Paul Mcallister the Watch Manager at Middle Moor Station told Heart some of his own experiences whilst on duty in the county:

Paul McAllister

John Harvey - Exeter City Centre Manager talks about his role:  

John Harvey