Pagan Ritual Blamed for Horse Disturbances

White Magic and Pagan rituals have been uncovered in a police investigation in Devon.

Horse owners have been finding their animals manes have been plaited - sparking concerns that they were being earmarked for theft.

Officers have now discovered that Pagan rituals may have been responsible. PC Chris Smoothy, who has been looking into it, told Heart it isn't just here that has had a problem: 'Dorset consulted a Pagan warlock because they had heard that if you are plaiting the mane of a horse as you are casting a spell, apparently that lends strength and potency to the spell you are trying to cast.'

He added 'if you do find this in a horse's mane it would certainly appear you've been visited by a Pagan who just wished to cast a spell.'

To listen to Heart's interview with PC Smoothy CLICK HERE.