Police Stop Crowds At Illegal Rave

Around a thousand people have attempted to attend an illegal rave on Dartmoor.

Police were called at around just after 12.30am to the site at Bellever Woods at Postbridge on the B3212 on Dartmoor. 

The land is owned by the Forestry Commission and no permission has been sought or granted by them to hold this rave. 

It is estimated that during the course of the night between 400 and 500 vehicles tried to attend. 

Police have used powers under the Criminal Justice Public Order Act 1994 to prevent the rave from continuing and also put in place road checks to prevent intended persons from attending the site.

Due to the inclement weather and substantial amount of rain that has fallen over night the driving of vehicles on Dartmoor is particularly difficult off road. 

Police are urging any intended people travelling to Dartmoor to attend this illegal rave to stay away as you will not be permitted on to the site and they would also advise any people already in the area to leave.