Protesters Camp by Exeter Cathedral

An anti-capitalism protest is being staged in Exeter.

Around twenty tents have been pitched on the Cathedral Green in Exeter.

The occupation is similar to 2,000 around the world, including one in Jigsaw Gardens, Plymouth, to bring public attention to the economic inequality in the world.

The tented 'village' in the shadow of the 1,000 year old Gothic Cathedral, includes a media tent, stores and communal areas and protesters say they're in it for 'the long haul', despite the colder weather and darker nights. They're already talking about spending Christmas and the New Year on the green.

Heart reporter Wendy Buckingham's been talking to some of the protesters.  Here's what Marcus George has to say:      CLICK-HERE

Protester Stuart Crewes says  the occupation isn't interferring with his day job.  He says all ages and social types are represented. CLICK HERE

But The Bishop of Exeter says the protest risks becoming a ``distraction'' that diverts attention away from real issues that need to be faced.

The Rt Rev Michael Langrish, speaking after meeting with the protesters, said:`I am very sympathetic to the questions they are raising, they are important questions.

``I think there are a lot of people in this country who have a sense of unfairness in the economic system. There is a sense that those who brought about the economic problems are not those who are paying. And when we look at different economies across the globe we can see there are real challenges - our own economic system is pretty unsustainable - and these are important things to discuss.

``I have just spoken to them and I said to them I am not convinced they are going about it in the right way. Look around the green here, where are the financial institutions?

``This is pure copycat, they have been outside one cathedral, now they are outside another.''

Passers by seemed to be in support of the protest:  CLICK HERE

 Occupy Exeter has it's own facebook page:!/OccupyExeter