Smoking Costs Devon Businesses Millions

Smoking is costing Devon's businesses millions of pounds every year, with workers taking time off sick because of the habit.

Our Stop-Smoking service hopes by 2020 less than 1 in 10 people in Devon will smoke.

Heart spoke to Devon mum April who's quit first time - Click here to listen to her reasons for giving up smoking and how she feels now she has. 

Devon's Stop-Smoking Manager Greg Price says they run their services for free, because they save far more than it costs, when people quit.

He reckons plans to sell cigarettes in plain packets will help people kick the habit - Click here to listen to his full interview with Heart.

Meanwhile, it's estimated about a quarter of us who've tried to quit in Devon with the stop-smoking service will have to go back to a clinic further down the line after falling off the wagon.

It's not being seen as a negative thing though.

Greg Price reckons if something happens which prompts someone to start smoking again, and they come back to a clinic to try quitting again, then at least we're trusting the service enough to return.


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