Too Many HGVs Using Devon Rat-Runs

Accidents are just waiting to happen as too many huge lorries are squeezing themselves through Devon's lanes.

That's from one Devon woman whose house was side-swiped by a lorry causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Click here to listen to Mole Hogan telling Heart about her experience.

Mole Hogan's also an AA driving instructor. She says very often her learners encounter oversized vehicles during their lessons and have to reverse back for them down tiny Devon lanes.

She says, although sometimes a time-consuming task, it can be used as a positive learning experience for soon-to-be drivers as it's inevitable they'll have to do it when they're out on their own once they've passed their test.

Click here to hear Mole talking about what she sees out on the roads.

It's all as Devon County Council is monitoring a certain short-cut used by lorries from the Devon Expressway to the South Devon Coast following complaints they have received.

The council have said:

"The advent of satellite navigation is thought to be the main reason lorries and sometimes coaches are using the narrow and winding road"

Devon County Council have now agreed to carry out an "initial assessment" of traffic flows on the road to determine the number of heavy goods vehicles using the route to analyse any collision information already held.