Troubled Teens Given Fresh Start

Offenders in Devon and Cornwall will be given the opportunity to take part in a new interactive, challenging course as part of the recently launched Antisocial Behaviour Diversion Scheme.

The course has been specially designed by the telephone box performance company to make individuals aware of how their actions have an impact on not only their victims, but the wider community.

The performance company is a charity who specialise in working with offenders and ex-offenders through a number of workshops; they have given the course a trial run whilst working with those from the Amber project.

Samantha Parry, leader of the charity, talks about how effective the course has proven to be:

Samantha Parry




The street pastors, who operate all over Devon, are hopeful that this fresh approach will really make people think about their actions. Ros Ede is the co-coordinator of the Street pastors in Torbay:

Ros Ede



The course is self-funding with all the costs covered by the £40 paid by those attending. 

For more information on the telephone box performance company and the street pastors: