100 Homes Re-Connected After Gas Cut In Leighton

15 January 2016, 12:36 | Updated: 15 January 2016, 12:43

Gas engineers say they have to visit all 743 homes in Leighton Buzzard, to safely re-connect the gas.

It's after the power cut last night on 19 streets on the Sandhills estate in the LU7 4XX postcode area - supplied by Southern Gas Networks (SGN).

SGN is currently in the process of reconnecting all homes, having addressed and resolved the problem that caused the outage.

100 houses have already been re-connected.

Around 40 engineers are on site and will stay there through today and overnight to help people returning home after being at work today; every house must be checked before the gas is turned back on.

This is done on a house-by-house basis with a safety check needed to be carried out.

Advice for the public

Residents should not turn on their gas or try to use gas appliances until an engineer has been to their property to carry out safety checks and relight their boiler.

Portable heating devices such as blow heaters are perfectly safe to use.
Residents are asked to check on any elderly and vulnerable friends, neighbours and relatives to check that they are okay.