£6m Lost By Hertfordshire Businesses In Online Crime

16 June 2016, 07:04

More than £6million has been lost by Hertfordshire businesses alone in online crime in the last year.

Its as Action Fraud reports a 22% increase in it from 2014 to 2015.

One business based in Hemel Hempstead - which didn't want to be named - had an initial loss of £1.3million in March this year.

It's after an email conversation between the business and a customer was intercepted, and money paid into a different account than the genuine one.

The money had already been transferred overseas when police were called but officers were able to recover the vast majority of the funds.

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “Driving down cybercrime is one of my main priorities and I am committed to making sure that every resident and business in the county has access to up-to-date and relevant crime prevention advice. Hertfordshire Constabulary is also channelling resources into tracking down cybercriminals and working with other agencies including the National Crime Agency, the University of Hertfordshire and City of London Police. My Business Crime Strategy also focuses on tackling and preventing cybercrime and fraud by working in partnership with computer experts, police and businesses themselves, which aims to ensure there are fewer victims and fewer offences across the county.”

Inspector Paul Lawrence, from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Crime Reduction Unit, added: “For today’s modern business, the ability to safely email, work remotely and operate a website is crucial to everyday operation, success, and the ability to grow. “However, hand in hand with this does come an element of risk, and seeing the huge amount lost by businesses in Hertfordshire to online crime in the last year, highlights how local businesses need to train their staff to spot the signs early on.”