90,000 New Bins Being Rolled Out

18 February 2011, 15:21 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 14:25

From Monday 21 February, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council will begin to distribute the wheelie bins needed for the new refuse and recycling collection service.

Each house is due to receive two new bins: A black bin for general rubbish, and black bin with a blue lid and inner box for recycling which replaces the red and green box service.

Over 90,000 new bins, and inner caddies, will be delivered across the borough and this will take place over a six week period.

The bins will be delivered to the edge of each property. Once received, householders should mark the bins with their house number and street name.

Around the same time as the bins are delivered, residents will also receive a new collection calendar. This will display the first collection date for the new service and the collection sequence from that point onwards. The sacks and recycling boxes will still be collected up until the first collection date.

Councillor Colin Couch, Executive Member for Environment, said: “Organising and planning the new refuse and recycling service has taken a lot of time and hard work, there are a huge number of new bins to be delivered across the borough and this will take time. I hope residents embrace the new system and recycle as much as possible.”

Along with the collection calendars a ‘waste wheel’ is also being delivered. This is a spinning disk showing which material should go in which bin. On the reverse side it also shows materials that can be recycled at the recycling banks or Hertfordshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Residents living in flats with large shared bins will see no further changes.  Houses with no space for wheelie bins have been determined and will receive different information ahead of the service changing in those streets.