Ask For Angela Rolled Out Across Herts Pubs

19 December 2017, 08:15 | Updated: 19 December 2017, 08:19

Ask for Angela

A scheme to help pub-goers to discreetly get help from staff if they feel unsafe is being rolled out across Hertfordshire.

At venues signed up to 'Ask For Angela', someone needing a hand - for instance, if they're on a first date and the other person isn't who they say they are or is making them feel uncomfortable - can simply ask to speak to "Angela".

More than 20 places signed up to a trial run in Stevenage - where Head of Stevenage Pubwatch and owner of Harry's Bar and the Taste Bar and Grill James Creighton's got his venues involved.

"It's worked out really well. We've had quite a few people actually using the Ask For Angela," he told Heart.

"In my bar personally - we've had a young girl who actually came up to the bar and asked for Angela. And we had a member of door staff come over and help her and escort her out, and escort her down to the taxi rank {to} make sure she got home safely."

At least a hundred other pubs, clubs and bars have now agreed to take part.