Bedford Brewery To Include Visitor Centre

2 May 2018, 17:23 | Updated: 2 May 2018, 17:28

Bedford Brewery

Charles Wells have been given the green light for a new £13m brewery complex in Bedford.

Work will begin in August, just off the A6 at the Fairhill site.

The new 30,000 hectolitre brewery should be operational by summer 2019.   

The Fairhill location is of strategic importance to Charles Wells and is part of its foundation for the future of the business as a brewing family and pub company.  

Not only does it provide excellent access to major roads in and out of Bedford to service its estate across England and France, it is also gives direct access to the Bedford Oolite aquifer, which was famously tapped by brewery founder Charles Wells.

The company has been using the natural mineral water from that well in the production of its beers since 1902.

In addition to the brewery, the site will also house a new Charles Wells Visitor Centre for brewery tours, an on-site bar and a venue for conferences, events and functions.  

The firm's Peter Wells says:

"Charles Wells has been part of the community in Bedford for the last 140 years, and this new complex will not only provide our 60 employees with a new home, but also be a focal point for surrounding businesses and residents to enjoy.  

Its prominent position on the way into Bedford will serve as a great welcome to the town, helping to celebrate its rich brewing history.   We are excited to start work later this summer in bringing our vision to life and in continuing to be an integral part of the community for generations to come."

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