Bedfordshire PCC: The Candidates

3 May 2016, 10:19

The election to see who will be Bedfordshire's next Police and Crime Commissioner takes place on Thursday, 5 May.

To help you decide who to vote for, Heart has spoken to each of the four candidates to hear what they would do if they were to win.


We've put the following five questions to the candidates:

1.      Why are you running for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner?
2.       What makes you a good candidate for the role?
3.       What would your three priorities be?
4.       Why should the people of Bedfordshire vote for you?
5.       What are your plans in the face of funding cuts to the county – and how are you going to make sure we get the money we’re deserved and we need?


Labour Candidate: Olly Martins


Conservative Candidate: Kathryn Holloway


Liberal Democrat Candidate: Linda Jack



UKIP Candidate: Duncan Strachan



Also standing is Toni Bugle for the English Democrats.