Beds Police Officers Investigated After Custody Death

2 July 2015, 07:33 | Updated: 2 July 2015, 07:36

Three Bedfordshire Police Constables and two Sergeants after being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints' Commission after the death of a man in custody.

A Custody Detention Officer is also being investigated and has been served with a gross misconduct notice in relation to a check conducted on Istiak Yusuf during his time in custody at Luton police station.

Mr Yusuf was taken ill in police custody on Saturday 13 June.

Yesterday/Weds Beds Assistant Chief Constable Mike Colbourne said: "Our officers work very hard every day to protect people, fight crime and keep Bedfordshire safe. Occasionally we have to deal with situations that involve loss of life, such as the tragic death of Mr Yusuf, who died whilst in custody on Saturday 13 June.

"We would like to express our deepest sympathies to Mr Yusuf's family and friends at this sad time. Following such a tragedy it is right that an open and transparent independent investigation takes place to establish the circumstances around this tragic and sudden death. We understand that the family and community have questions they want answered and we hope that they will receive the answers they need in a timely manner.

"We will continue to fully support the IPCC investigation and are grateful for the family's and community's patience and understanding while this investigation is carried out."

In a statement issued by the IPCC today, IPCC Associate Commissioner Guido Liguori, said: "Since Mr Yusuf's death we have met with Mr Yusuf's wife and family several times to update them on the progress of our investigation.

"At this early stage our investigation is focussing on the adequacy of searches conducted when Mr Yusuf was arrested and later booked into custody. We have served misconduct notices on three Bedfordshire Police constables and two sergeants to inform them that they are being investigated in respect of the searches."

"A Custody Detention Officer is also being investigated in respect of a check conducted on Mr Yusuf during his time in custody, and who has been served with a gross misconduct notice."

A post mortem examination was carried out on Sunday 14 June and witnessed by an independent doctor from the local community. An inquest opened and adjourned on Friday 19 June.