Big Lotto Handouts Across Herts, Beds & Northants

17 January 2017, 06:00

Lotto Ticket

The latest round of Lottery Funding's been announced for local groups in Herts, Beds and Northants.

There's some £659,000 being dished out to charities and community groups - the biggest chunk - at £485,000 is going to a group in Wellingborough that helps children and young people during - who's got a member of their family who'd addicted to substance misuse.

BEDFORD - Al Minar Foundation Elderly and Pensioners Socilaisation Club will use the funding to establish a friendship club for older people in the community. This will provide social activities to reduce isolation and loneliness. £9,950

HATFIELD - Hatfield Town Council will use the funding to deliver a range of activities of multi-sport activities including walking football and walking netball for the benefit of people over 60 in the local community. This will engage beneficiaries in positive activities, reduce social isolation and improve their health and well-being. £9,870

HITCHIN - Oughton Primary and Nursery School will use the funding to create an outdoor gym facility for the benefit of pupils and the wider community. This will improve the health of beneficiaries and reduce instances of disruptive behaviour. £9,575

LUTON AIRPORT - 10F (Luton Airport) Squadron of the AirTraining Corps will use the funding to purchase three flight simulation systems and teaching aids to support the training of their cadets. This will provide a diversionary activity for local young people. £9,625

LUTON - Reaching Limited will use the funding to employ a part time volunteer coordinator to introduce a structured work experience programme for a range of roles in the Dallow ward. This will provide valuable volunteering work experience which will improve employability and remove barriers to employment. £9,219

LUTON - Apex Aid Luton Community Development will offer literacy and numeracy skill sessions for local adults. This will improve their employment prospects and mental wellbeing. £9,995

LUTON - Women Talk will use the funding to deliver a conference to a wide range of women in their area, including from a range of black and minority ethnic groups, discussing positive change, self-development, coaching on specific issues and providing help during transitions. It will offer a range of support to people with issues including anxiety, financial concerns, fears and discrimination. £9,310

NORTHAMPTON - New Routes will provide horse riding sessions to young people from low socio-economic backgrounds and who have educational needs. This will improve the mental and physical wellbeing of young people with complex needs. £10,000

NORTHAMPTON - Thorplands Primary School Sow & Grow Project; The school will provide gardening activities for children and families so they can learn together about growing food. This will enable families to see how food has a direct link to their overall health and wellbeing, and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle. £9,986

OUNDLE - Friends Of Oundle Library will continue a pilot arts project for people with mild to moderate mental health conditions. This will provide opportunities to socialise and access arts activities, increasing their self-esteem and mental wellbeing. £7,692

ST ALBANS - Fleetville Junior School will use the funding to purchase surfacing which will enable them to create an all-weather pathway and track for the benefit of pupils, staff and parents. This will provide an opportunity to engage in outdoor physical exercise including running and walking, improve fitness and reduce obesity levels. £10,000

ST ALBANS - Colney Heath Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School Connecting Colney will use the funding to deliver an afterschool multi-sports programme for young people that will involve physical activity to become healthy, and bring people together in a positive environment. The project will offer positive activities aimed at supporting young people in developing their physical and social skills. £9,775

STEVENAGE - East Herts Royals Basketball Club will use the funding to deliver basketball activities for local primary school children. This will divert participants from negative behaviours and encourage them to take part in physical activity. £9,911

THRAPSTON - Thrapston Town Council will install an outdoor gym so local residents can participate in activities that benefit their fitness and wellbeing. £10,000

THRAPSTON - Thrapston Bowls Club Clubhouse Development to increase community use The project will improve toilet facilities and disabled access in the clubhouse to increase the number of people who use the community building. £10,000

WELLINGBOROUGH - Family Support Link I Matter Too  The project will aim to address the needs identified by children and young people affected by a family member's substance misuse, and support them through the school holidays and evenings. They will work with young people and children as young as five, who will gain respite from their chaotic lifestyles and give them the opportunity to rebuild family relationships, reduce isolation and empower them to reach their full potential and reintegrate back into their community. £485,075

WELWYN HATFIELD - Herts Sports and Wellbeing Foundation Hertfordshires' Dance for Parkinson's This group will use the funding to deliver physical activity sessions for people living with the effects of Parkinson's disease and their carers. This will encourage those taking part to become more physically and socially active. £9,800

WELYWN HATFIELD - De Havilland Boxing Club Town and Gown's This organisation will use the funding to deliver a programme of boxing and fitness-based activities aimed at university students and provide Level 1 coaching for volunteers. This will engage people in positive activities, improve fitness levels, reduce isolation and provide a diversion to negative behaviours. £9,971