Bucks Council Opposes Single Authority Idea

13 March 2018, 12:58 | Updated: 13 March 2018, 13:17


Outside of Milton Keynes, the Government says there could well be a single council for the rest of Buckinghamshire.

The Secretary of State has said he's minded to put in place what would effectively be a "rest of Bucks" authority - to replace 5 district authorities including Aylesbury Vale.

The idea's being challenged by Aylesbury Vale District Council who think it would be better to have 3 councils ie Milton Keynes, and then a North Bucks Council and a South Bucks council.
Aylesbury Vale District Council says:

"While we are extremely disappointed, the "minded to" decision is not set in stone, and as the process allows, we will be making the strongest possible representations to the Secretary of State that this decision is not the right one. We don't believe that this decision is in the best interest of our local residents, businesses, community groups, parish councils and various other stakeholders across the county and, based on our own engagement, we don't believe it has strong local support.
Our two new unitary proposal, which can be seen at www.modernisingbucks.org recognises key areas of difference for the communities in the north and the south, such as the economy, jobs, growth and housing markets. We believe a single large unitary will mean major opportunities will be missed in these areas and that a one size fits all model will not mean the best deal. We also question the savings the single unitary model claims to deliver.
There is now a period until 25 May 2018 during which those interested may make further representations to the Secretary of State and we will be reflecting on today's announcement carefully. Representations can be made by emailing sajid.javid.mp@parliament.uk
The final decision will be subject to Parliamentary approval."