Call Outs To Crimes At Beds Children's Homes Up

30 March 2016, 06:19

Police in Bedfordshire have recorded over 200 crimes in children's homes over the last three years.

The report for the Howard League for penal Reform shows an increase in calls to police from 38 to over 100. 

It also says children living in children's homes are being criminalised at higher rates than others.
Frances Crook, Chief Executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: "These children have been taken into care because they are in dire need and their parents cannot, or will not, look after them.
"They are wonderful young people who have had a really bad start in life. They deserve every chance to flourish.
"Private companies, charities and local authorities that are paid a fortune by the taxpayer should give these children what they need and deserve."