Cannabis Plants Seized

18 February 2011, 15:32 | Updated: 2 March 2011, 14:27

400 mature cannabis plants were found at a cannabis factory in Bedford on Thursday.

Police found four growing rooms at raided the house in Ampthill Road.

Sergeant Debbie James said: "In this case the 'gardeners' made the house appear as normal as possible to minimise suspicion, any rented property could hide a similar cannabis factory.  Our message is that landlords should be careful who they rent to. It's always better to rent through an agent who can keep an eye on the property - particularly if the landlord doesn't live near the property they are renting out.

"Those growing these plants will use excessive amounts of electricity, wreck the house and then just disappear leaving the landlord to pick up the bills. To turn the house into an indoor greenhouse they have to move a great deal of equipment - lights, fans and hydroponics - into the property. They also bring in hundreds of pot planters and a lot of compost. "