CCTV Released In David Brickwood Murder Case

9 February 2016, 15:00 | Updated: 9 February 2016, 15:07

Previously unreleased CCTV footage showing two cars travelling in convoy on the night of David Brickwood’s murder in Northampton, has been released by detectives.

The 74 year-old father and grandfather who lived in Lindsey Avenue, Abington, Northampton, was murdered at his home on the morning of Saturday, 26 September, 2015.

The two cars, a light coloured Ford Focus MKI and a dark coloured Ford Focus MKII, were caught on camera, travelling to the area of David’s house just before the murder and leaving quickly, shortly after the attack.

The footage was exclusively revealed in a tv appeal last night (Monday, 8 February), with detectives hoping that by appealing on national television it would help bring forward witnesses and information to help solve Mr Brickwood’s murder.

A reconstruction of that night and an interview with Mr Brickwood’s sons were also shown on the programme.

Officers were called to David’s house just after 2am on Saturday, 26 September. At the scene, it was apparent that David Brickwood had been violently assaulted and had suffered multiple stab wounds to his head, leg and hand.

Officers performed emergency first aid in an attempt to save his life, but sadly he later died at Northampton General Hospital. It is believed that intruders broke into the house by removing a pane of glass from a window.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Graham, who is leading the investigation, said:

"This was a dreadful assault on a man in his own home. The level of violence used was completely unnecessary for a man of his age. We know that David kept a large amount of money in his property. We know that some of the £50 and £20 notes were old fashioned ones and therefore may be easy to recognise.

The offenders may have had a lot of blood on their clothing. David was stabbed five times. We want to know if anyone out there noticed anyone acting suspiciously that night or clothing that was stained. "

Speaking about two cars that are vital to the investigation, he said:

"They are both Ford Focus’, one light and one dark in colour. On the footage, you can see them travelling between Wellingborough Road and Lindsay Avenue. They turn into Lindsay House, reverse the car, switch off the headlights and drive slowly down Lindsay Avenue.

They are clearly together because once they come past David’s house they turn around at the same point near the Cost Cutter on Lindsay Avenue. Both cars can then be seen travelling away from the scene at speed, moments after the attack. We believe the drivers and passengers may have been involved in David’s murder.


On the footage you can also see people walking through Lindsay Avenue some time before the murder occurred. They may have witnessed something."

DCI Mick Graham was also keen to highlight some key witnesses in the investigation:

"There were six people seen outside David’s house at around 11.45pm, three men on one side of the road and two men and a tall woman with blonde hair on the other. The group appeared to be together. There were reports of shouting on the corner outside David’s house. These people may have been there completely innocently, but we need them to urgently come forward as they might hold vital information."