"Come Dine With Me" Goes Online

3 September 2011, 08:00

A Milton Keynes entrepreneur has come up with a free new service to encourage people to host dinner parties for each other.

Christopher Tau came up with an interview idea similar to "Come Dine With Me" - and wants us all to get "social with food".

23 year-old Christopher Milton Keynes, came up with the idea after hosting dinner parties whilst at University.

Christopher says the free service "foodhost.co.uk" will be a new way of meeting people in your local area - over a bite to eat. Heart asked him who he expects to use the service "People who would enjoy the social aspect of dining, people who would be looking to have a lot of fun.

We don't expect just people who are expert chefs to take part, but lots of amateur cooks too - and I think it will spark really good conversations."

Christopher says having dinner and talking to new people at the same time is a great way of getting to know people in your local area: "Food is inherently social, where-ever you're eating you're going to be either talking about the food or talking to people surrounding you."