Hitchin iPhone Thefts

4 January 2011, 12:59 | Updated: 4 January 2011, 13:01

Police are are warning the public to be on their guard against a pair of fraudsters who claim to be selling Christmas cards.

The pair distract victims to steal their property

Last Thursday afternoon the pair approached two women who were sitting in Costa Coffee in Bancroft, Hitchin.

The men claimed to be selling Christmas cards and put them down on the table, covering one of the women’s i-Phones. The women, who are both in their twenties, refused to buy any and the men walked off, taking the i-Phone with them.

The second incident occurred at the Millstream Pub in Cambridge Road, Hitchin, at around 5pm the same day. The female 32 year old victim was sitting eating dinner with her mum when she was approached by two men who persistently asked her to buy a card and then placed some on the table, on top of her purse and i-Phone.

She has told them to go away and they have picked up the cards along with the phone and purse and walked off with them towards the Railway Station.

The first offender is described as being aged between 40 and 49, with black receding hair and a beard or moustache, wearing a dark leather jacket and jeans. He is also described as having bad teeth and stubble.

The second man, was aged around 20 to 29, also had black hair and was wearing a dark leather jacket and dark jeans.