Extra Closure for Bridge Street

21 December 2010, 14:41 | Updated: 21 December 2010, 14:45

Bridge Street in Northampton will be closed to traffic for an extra night this week in anticipation of a very busy Christmas time in the town centre.

Because Christmas Day falls on Saturday, it is expected that Thursday and Friday will be busier than usual. To allow crowds and traffic to be well-managed, Bridge Street will be closed between 10pm on Thursday 23rd and 4am on Friday 24th December and then again between 10pm on Friday 24th and 4am on Friday 25th. The road will remain open on Christmas night (Saturday).

The road has been closed to traffic between 10pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday nights since the end of November 2009*, with the aim of increasing public safety in the area, reducing congestion on the pavements and cutting the risk of crime and disorder.

Thursday’s closure (23rd) is taking place using special powers under Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847. This Act allows the road to be closed for a particular event.

Similar, additional closures of Bridge Street took place on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve 2009 - which fell on Thursdays – and proved to be very effective.

A spokesman for the Northampton Community Safety Partnership commented:  "This closure should ensure that everyone who wants to visit Northampton to enjoy Christmas in the town’s restaurants, theatres, pubs and clubs can walk easily and safely through Bridge Street.”

The Northampton Community Safety Partnership consists of Northampton Borough Council, Northamptonshire Police, and Northamptonshire County Council, which includes Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue, and other partners.