Herts & Beds' Ambulance Service Needs 'Weekend Improvement'

31 July 2015, 07:20 | Updated: 31 July 2015, 07:21

The head of the East of England Ambulance Service has told Heart services at weekends are not good enough and need to improve.

Dr Anthony Marsh says patients do not get the same levels of service and response when dialling 999 on a Saturday or Sunday as they do during the week.

He says it is largely down to staffing levels at weekends, and that is something the Trust is looking to change.

Dr Marsh said: "One of the things that we will be focussing on with the hundreds of new staff that we are recruiting is to ensure that they are targeted to be on duty when we know we're going to be busiest.

"That will take pressure off our staff but also provides the very best service we can for our patients."

Addressing the Trust's annual meeting yesterday, he said he was proud of the improvements it had made over the last 18 months.

Dr Marsh has already announced he is planning to step down from his role in the near future despite the fact the Trust has gone from one of the worst performing in the country to one of the best under his watch.

Earlier this month a petition was delivered to parliament calling for him stay on.

He says he is confident the Trust will continue to improve after he has left though: "We've made real progress over the last 18 months. It was all aboutbout a real team effort so the fact that one person moves on at some point in the future makes no difference.

"It's really important that everyone continues to focus on what's important to patients,continue to support each other and work as a team."