Herts Police Booking Appointments With Public

10 March 2015, 09:32

We can now book face to face meetings with Herts Police if we've got an issue or crime we want to talk to them about.

Following a successful trial, in Dacorum and Stevenage, Hertfordshire Constabulary has put in place scheduled appointments in four district areas, which means that meetings are much less likely to be postponed or cancelled due to operational commitments or emergencies.

Each day police officers, who are not working as part of the emergency response team or on Safer Neighbourhood duties, are assigned to attend the appointments.  In the past appointments made often had to be cancelled or moved because an unforeseen incident or emergency meant that police officers were unable to attend.

Commissioner David Lloyd said: “Improving customer care is high on my list of priorities in my Police and Crime Plan for Hertfordshire (‘Everybody’s Business’) so I am delighted that the Constabulary is now offering scheduled appointments to people who need to speak to an officer in person.

“This is a big step forward in providing a level of customer care that is on a par with successful business organisations.  The public of Hertfordshire deserve no less.

“I am looking forward to see this roll out across the rest of the county and for satisfaction levels to improve.”

The system launches in Hertsmere and Welwyn Hatfield from Monday (March 9) with other areas of Hertfordshire to follow over the coming months.

Chief Superintendent Owen Weatherill said: “While people are usually very understanding that emergencies take precedence, we know it can be very frustrating and disappointing for people, who are expecting a police officer to visit them, to be told they cannot make it.

“Now, if you live or run a business in Dacorum, Stevenage, Hertsmere or Welwyn Hatfield and an officer needs to visit you, you will be able to book an appointment at a specific time.”