Hundreds Join MK Drive To Help Homeless

21 December 2014, 06:00

A woman who was moved to tears when a homeless man thanked her for something to eat and drink has set up a growing network to help others.

Laura set up the Facebook page "Help Our Homeless MK" after seeing the plight of the homeless in the new city - and was frustrated that ordinary people didn't seem to be able to help without joining official organisations.

Within a month, more than 700 people had applied to join the Facebook group - with many people making donations of food and clothes to help the area's homeless, which could be up to 75, sleeping rough in doorways, alleyways, corner shops, parks and wooded areas.

Volunteers from the group have also been out on soup-runs to keep the homeless of Milton Keynes warm over these cold winter nights up to and through Christmas, the New Year and beyond.

Laura has told Heart anyone who is genuinely interested in helping should apply on Facebook and look for "Help Our Homeless MK".