Illegal Rave Near Royston

Police have been dealing with an illegal rave just outside a village near Royston this morning.

It started in the early hours of this morning just outside the village of Heydon and was already attended by approx 150 persons by the time that police were on scene, which meant, by the time officers got there, they weren't able to shut it down immediately.

From Community Police:

"Please rest assured that we are going to do everything within our powers to minimise the impact of the rave on the local community and to catch and investigate the persons responsible.  We are minimising the number of people who are at the site and have effectively cordoned it off and are turning people away.  We will be on site throughout the night and until the event is over both to investigate the offences and to minimise any offences of drink driving/ drug misuse and damage to the local countryside.
There are currently some access issues to the village - cars have double parked all along the Fowlmere Road."

Police say they have already recorded the details of every vehicle along this road and will be taking action against them for any parking or other road offences revealed.