Jail For Watford "Honour" Violence Gang

Four men sentenced to a total of sixteen and a half years in custody following so - called 'Honour Based Violence 'incident in Watford.

A 21 year-old man was kidnapped and beaten and a 19 year-old woman had her hair shorn off during the incident.

Arfan Hussain Shah ,38, of  Paddock Close, Watford was found guilty of kidnap on December 4th , following a trial. He was sentenced to nine years in custody with an extended period of five years, for which he must serve two thirds of the final sentence.

Hamzah Chaudry - 26, of Albert Road North, Watford, who was the main instigator behind the incident, was also sentenced to five years nine months, after pleading guilty to kidnap at an earlier hearing.

Two further men were also sentenced today and a woman was sentenced in November for their roles in the incident which led to a 21 - year-old man being kidnapped and violently assaulted and a 19 year-old girl being assaulted.

Khalid Chaudry, 52, Albert Road North, Watford, entered a guilty plea to Actual Bodily Harm(ABH) at an earlier hearing and was sentenced to a community order to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work. He was also given a twelve month supervision order.

Yaser Ahmed, 31 , of Charlock Way, Watford, pleaded guilty to Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) at a hearing on November 11th and was sentenced to twenty months in custody.

A further defendant - Rubina Chaudry, 45 Albert Road North, Watford,  was charged with Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)  and entered a guilty plea to ABH at an earlier hearing. She was sentenced to fourteen months in custody suspended for eighteen months following a hearing in November but due to reporting restrictions this could not be publicised.

On May 14th 2014, a 21 year-old man from Lancashire was kidnapped outside Watford Junction train station, following the discovery he was in a relationship with a woman from Watford, which her family and her family's associates did not approve of.

After being taken to premises in Watford against his will that evening, he was threatened with a machete and subsequently, violently assaulted. He was then bundled into the back of a black Astra and driven to a remote part of Northamptonshire, where he was subjected to further assaults before being stabbed but managed to escape. So great was his fear, that he ran for over an hour, through remote countryside to his safety.

The girl he was in a relationship with also had her hair cut off as part of the ordeal.

One of the most horrifying cases

Detective Sergeant Ian Siggery, from Watford Police Station's Local Crime Unit, who led the investigation, said:

"In all of my years as a detective this was one of the most horrifying cases I have dealt with, not only because of the violence used but because those inflicting the fear and violence were known to the victims and should have cared for them.

All defendants in this case coerced with each other and plotted this attack to inflict violence and fear on two innocent young people.  Although all of the defendants have been sentenced for their equal roles in this case - the main offenders, Arfan Hussain Shah and Hamzah Chaudry played a leading role and have been sentenced for committing a callous and heartless crime. Hamzah Chaudry was the 'mastermind' behind the attack and has shown no remorse for his actions.

We are pleased that this case has come to a conclusion, not only because of the severity of the offences and violence inflicted on the victims in this case, but also because it sends out a clear message to the public. Violence will not be tolerated on the streets of Hertfordshire -and this includes so - called  'Honour' Based Violence cases.

I hope the sentences passed today can bring some closure to the victims who were targeted for being two young people in a relationship.

I would urge anyone who feels they are in a situation where they are being forced to do something against their will, or being subjected to, or threatened with violence - to come forward. We will help you and bring the perpetrators to justice. You can also contact the Karma Nirvana charity on: 0800 599 9247. "