Labour Leader Visits Vauxhall Luton

1 September 2011, 15:26 | Updated: 1 September 2011, 15:44

The Labour leader's been on a tour of one of the area's big manufacturing plants today - and says the Prime Minister must act to impove it's fortunes by help economies both home and abroad.

After touring the van factory, Ed Miliband told Heart he's calling on Mr Cameron to help get Europe into a higher gear to ensure firms like Vauxhall can sell more - not just at home - but onto the continent: "I'm very pleased to be here in Luton, at the Vauxhall plant and we're seeing some great things happening here.

But we're also seeing a company which could be doing more, producing more vans more cars for export".

Mr Miliband added: "They can't do that because the world, and quite frankly Europe isn't growing quickly enough."

It wants to do be doing even better - and the way it can be better is by having a Europe which is growning and a world which is growing.

I think the future is very bright for this company we want to make is as bright as popssilbe for here and people across Luton."

Heart asked Mr Miliband about today's news that fewer homes in country had someone without a job, but if the Government is doing enough to strengthen the economy overall. Mr Miliband replied: "I really worry the British economy has been flatlining for the last 9 months. We've see unemployment rise recently, which is something I deeply regret.

What I want to see the Government do is change course on it's economic strategy. Because if they change course if they help our economy grow, that's the best way of cutting the deficit.

You've got more people in work paying taxes, not people on benefit."

The Labour leader went on "I think the Government shouldn't be complacently standing by and saying "Britain's ok", but getting stuck in and making sure the British economy grows, but the World economy does too.

Asked about Luton's chance of City Status - Mr Miliband said: "I am a very strond advocate of more places becoming cities - I hope that is possible in Luton.

I think that that conferring of city status is really important - I don't think there should be limits on it - and I shall be supporting Luton in it's bid."