Londoner Jailed For Running Over Rushden Man

15 January 2016, 17:24 | Updated: 15 January 2016, 17:38

A 27 year-old north London man's been jailed for 8 and a half years - for deliberately driving into a 60 year-old man from Rushden in Northants.

Following a two week trial at Northampton Crown Court, 27 year-old Mohammed Hirsi, of Rowntree Close, Camden, has today (Friday, 15 January) sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison for using his car as a weapon and driving it into 60-year-old Lorenzo Gallucci, causing his death.

He was convicted by a jury and found guilty of manslaughter and criminal damage. He will also serve a six year driving disqualification on his release from prison.

Lorenzo known locally as ‘Spud’ died of a head injury in the early hours of Sunday, 21 September 2014, after Hirsi drove into him. 

Hirsi left the scene but was arrested in London later on that day and was eventually charged with manslaughter, criminal damage and affray.

During the trial, the jury heard how Spud had arranged to have a drink with his brother in law and nephew at the Rushden Town Band Club on Station Road on Saturday 20, September.

Hirsi was also as the club attending the 18th birthday party of his girlfriend’s friend. Hirsi moved between the party upstairs and the bar downstairs where he played pool. The defence alleged that one of the patrons made racist remarks towards him at some point during the evening but was unable to specify who exactly had said what

Towards midnight, Hirsi left the club; and an argument arose between him and Spud’s nephew outside the front of the premises.

Bystanders separated the two and Lorenzo’s nephew got into a Volkswagen Passat, while Hirsi returned to his car and removed a metal bar. Moments later he stood at the back of the Passat and hit the rear window of the car, smashing it completely.

Hirsi then made off into the Splash Pool Car Park and a short time later a group of people, including Spud, followed him into the car park. 

Hirsi got into his car and the prosecution argued that he then drove deliberately at Spud causing him to fall onto the bonnet of the car and then subsequently backwards onto the floor, which caused his fatal head injury.

The defence claimed that Hirsi had been obstructed and was racially abused.

Detective Inspector Mark Brayfield, who led the investigation, said: “This was a tragic event where a man lost his life in the most unfortunate of circumstances. 

“There was no need for what happened and a family have lost their loved one as a result of an incident that could so easily have been prevented.

“I would like to thank the investigation team for all their hard work and commitment on this case. This was a lengthy and complicated enquiry. The team worked tirelessly to seek justice for Lorenzo and his family. Hirsi’s conviction and the appreciation from the family is proof of their hard work.”