Luton Double Murder Inquiry: Latest Developments

20 October 2016, 18:59 | Updated: 20 October 2016, 19:10

Detectives have confirmed today (Thurs) that the body of a murdered man lay undetected inside a wheelie bin outside a flat as officers investigated the death of a woman inside.

A week was to pass before the man's remains were found on Monday evening of this week.

Police had gone to the flat week earlier on Monday Oct 10 where the body of the woman who had recently given birth was found. Initially the death was treated as a suicide and the baby, just days old was placed in care.

But the discovery of the man's body in the black bin a week later who was murdered has prompted detectives to treat the death of the woman as suspicious. Police says a man is has been arrested and is in custody on suspicion of being concerned in two murders.

Today the man leading the investigation, Detective Inspector Fraser Wylie said:

"I believe I am not looking for anyone else as part of the investigation."

Police have until Friday morning to continue holding the man who has been arrested before charging him or releasing him.

D.I. Wylie said he was still "missing some parts of the jigsaw" and today's appealed for the public's help.

The dead man and the dead woman are thought to have lived in a ground floor flat in Essex Close, near the town centre.

Today D.I. Wylie said he wanted to hear from anyone who knew the occupants of the flat.

Wheelie Bin Could Be Key

He said he also wanted to hear from anyone who may have seen someone pushing the black wheelie bin in the area of Essex Close during the period from late on the night of Friday October 7 and though that weekend.

"I'm not talking about someone wheeling from a front door to a pavement but someone who was pushing it through the estate in an area you wouldn't expect to see," he said.

Finally he said he wanted to hear from anyone in the area of Essex Close who had a wheelie bin go missing from outside their home over that same weekend.

DI Wylie said that when officers attended the flat in relation to the death of the woman on October 10, the black bin containing the man's body was outside.

He said the bin had not been searched at the time and the corpse remain undiscovered until Monday evening of this week by a man who had been using it as a "trolley" to move a heavy TV set.

A forensic examination was still going on at the flat in Luton today. When the man's body was discovered in a wheelie bin on Monday night outside the entrance to the flats it had been wrapped in cling film and a purple duvet cover.

It's thought the deceased - both believed to be Asian - may have been partners who lived at the flat. The woman had recently given birth to a baby who is being cared for.

Neighbours said today following the death of the Asian woman, the man who lived with her had not been seen at the flats.

One resident who lived above the couple said he saw the body on Monday evening after it had been taken out of the bin and believes it was the woman's partner.