Luton Man Arrested By Counter Terror Police

6 May 2015, 14:55 | Updated: 6 May 2015, 15:04

A man has been arrested by counter terror police in Luton today.

Officers from the Met's Counter Terrorism Command [SO15] this morning (May 6th) attended an address in Luton and six addresses in London. They made seven arrests as part of an on-going investigation into fraud and money laundering believed to be connected to terrorism linked to Syria.

  • A 38 year-old man was arrested in Luton
  • A man aged 23 years and a woman (32) were arrested at an address in north London
  • Four men aged 21-28 years were arrested at four addresses in north London

Officers also attended a second address in north London in connection with this man. 

All have been arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering, apart from the woman, who has been arrested for money laundering only.

Officers are investigating a large scale fraud linked to UK extremists travelling to Syria.

The arrests today form part of an ongoing fraud investigation, whereby unsuspecting vulnerable and elderly victims are 'cold called' on their home phone by a suspect impersonating a police officer.

Members of the public are strongly advised, if you receive a call like this about your bank account from someone claiming to be a police officer, hang up the phone, wait at least five minutes to make sure the phone line has cleared, or use another phone line, before ringing the phone number on your bank card.


  • Remember - your bank or the police will never ask for your pin, your bank card or to withdraw money
  • Caution - never share your pin with anyone
  • Think - never hand your bank card or any goods you have purchased as a result of a phone call to anyone who comes to your front door
  • Investigate - If you think you have been a victim of a scam, call police