Luton Man Jailed For £300k Heroin Plot

27 March 2015, 09:24

A Luton man has been jailed with a man from London after plotting to supply £300,000 worth of heroin.

Zubaid Ashraf, 25,  of Denbigh Road, Luton, and Irfan Siddiq, 26, of Napier Road, Enfield, organised for a shipment of 3kg of the class A drug to be brought up to Luton on September 8, last year.

But the deal was hijacked when a group of men tried to rob Siddiq when he arrived in Luton.
He had driven up from London with three packages, each containing 1kg of the class A, drug hidden in the footwell of his Nissan Almera.
However, a group of men met him and smashed up the car but were unable to find the drugs.
Officers from the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) had been following the men and spotted the car in Stoneygate Road with its windows smashed. They stopped the car in Fieldgate Road and discovered the drugs inside.
Ashraf was arrested later after being linked to Siddiq by phone records organising the delivery.
Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply a class A drug. Ashrad was jailed for six years and three months while Siddiq was sentenced to three years and nine months at Luton Crown Court on Friday (March 20).
Detective Constable Chris Rawson from ERSOU said: "These men planned to bring a large amount of heroin up to Bedfordshire and it was destined for the streets of Luton.
"This case should send a clear message that we will not tolerate at the supply of drugs and anyone involved in such criminality faces a long stretch behind bars."