Luton Man With £70k Hard Drugs Money Jailed

10 March 2015, 07:20 | Updated: 10 March 2015, 07:21

A man has been jailed for 10 years after police found him in Luton with £70,000.

Mohammed Hussain, 26, had the money as a result of his involvement in hard drugs, Luton crown court was told.

Officers arrested Hussain and then went to his parents home in Williton Road in Luton.

There they found Hussain had set up his own drugs factory with a hydraulic press to make one kilo blocks of cocaine.

Cutting agents were present and in a safe officers found high purity cocaine and CCTV cameras that had been installed by Hussain around the property.

Judge Philip Bartle hearing the case was told the tick list showed Hussain had been involved with dealing in cocaine to the tune of 7.75 kilograms of cocaine which had a street value of between £310,000 and £465,000.

Hussain pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of a class A drug and possessing a controlled drug of class A with intent to supply.

The court was told that Hussain, a married father of two young children had got involved in the drug world because he had run up debts due to gambling and drugs.

He told Judge Bartle he was "ashamed and embarrassed" at what he'd done and felt he'd let his family down.

"I got myself into this mess because of gambling and drugs" he said.

While in prison waiting to be sentenced he said he had made a promise to his wife and family never to gamble again.

Passing sentence Judge Bartle told Hussain he had used his parent's home to produce cocaine.

"What motivated you to involve your parents only you can say."

He jailed Hussain for 10 years.