Luton Teen Jailed For Head Stabbing

13 March 2015, 11:07

A teenager has been given four years detention after stabbing another teen in the back of the head in Luton.

The 17 year old attacked the victim after spotting him on the forecourt of the garage in Barton Road, Luton filling up.

Luton crown court heard the teenager believed the other boy had suggested to the authorities he had been involved in another offence.

George Heimler, prosecuting, said the 17 year old who was armed with a flick knife got out of the car he was a passenger in and then ran up to the victim and chased him across the forecourt.

On reaching the victim, the court heard he stabbed him in the back of the head.

In court the 17 year old, who can't be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent.

Judge David Farrell QC, hearing the case, was told the attack happened at around 9pm on the evening of November 27 last year.

The court was told the defendant had a previous conviction for possessing a lock knife in 2014 for which he had been made the subject of a referral order.

He also had another conviction for battery and, at the time of the attack at the garage, he was on bail for another matter.

Passing sentence, Judge Farrell told the teenager that luckily the blade of the flick knife hadn't penetrated the victim's skull.

If that had happened, said the judge, the consequences could have been far more serious for the victim and even resulted in his death.

But, said the judge, the victim had suffered post traumatic stress because of what happened that night, including flashbacks, loss of sleep and a loss of confidence.

The offence had been aggravated, said Judge Farrell, by the fact the victim's girlfriend had been present and witnessed what happened.

She too had been left traumatised.