Luton Town Offices Broken Into - Merch Stolen

14 December 2018, 19:12 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 19:15

Luton Town FC

If you're a Hatters supporter in and around Luton - you're being asked to be wary of being flogged any club merchandise from any un-official sources.

It's after the club say they were broken into overnight - and stock's been stolen - including - potentially DOZEN's of THIS season's home and away shirts.

A statement on the club's website reads:

"We are sorry to report that the club offices next to the stadium at the top of Oak Road were broken into overnight.

An unspecified amount of retail stock has been stolen, including potentially dozens of this season’s home, away and third shirts.

Please be aware of any Luton Town merchandise becoming available for sale through unofficial channels both online and in person, as it is likely to be stolen.

If any of our loyal supporters are offered any goods, please contact Bedfordshire Police by calling 101 and notify the club via 01582 411622 or by emailing"