Man Jailed For 16 Years For Bletchley Attempted Murder

29 May 2015, 16:14 | Updated: 29 May 2015, 16:26

An alcoholic who repeatedly stabbed and bludgeoned a friend who had taken him in has been jailed for 16 years for attempted murder.

Michael Davies, 60, is said to have sat calmly at a table watching Vic Smith lying in pool of blood, telling him: "You are a strong man. You are taking ages to die. Hurry up and die."

In the end Davies used the victim's own mobile phone to call for an ambulance and, after surgery, 57-year-old Mr Smith survived the life threatening injuries  Luton Crown Court heard.

Today after a four day trial a jury unanimously convicted homeless Davies of attempted murder. He had pleaded not guilty.

Judge Michael Kay QC told Davies: "The account you gave to exculpate yourself was ludicrous. You had been allowed to stay at the address for a period of time which was coming to an end. You were concerned about where you were going to live and were somewhat aggrieved. When Mr Smith came home, out of the blue you attacked him with a kitchen knife, stabbing him six times causing both lungs to puncture. Then you hit him with your fist and part of a wooden table, and then you watched him for some time. He came to his senses and saw you sitting at a table and he begged you to call an ambulance. Maybe by then the drink was wearing off and you realised the enormity of what you had done and phoned the ambulance service."

The Judge said Davies was a danger to the public and extended the licence period to four years after his eventual release from prison.

Michael Speak, prosecuting had told the jury the two men had known each other for six or seven years, but had fallen out. Six months before the stabbing the men had "patched up" their differences and, for a couple of months, Vic Smith had let Michael Davies sleep on the sofa at his one-bed flat in Duncombe Street, Bletchley, as he had nowhere else to stay.

At a quarter to midnight on Aug 19 last year Mr Smith ha gone home after winning a pool match and found the defendant, already at home. He remembers the defendant saying strange things but could not recall much after that, except that when he came round in the early hours of the following day, he had been stabbed multiple times.

Mr Speak said: ""He woke up in a pool of blood with life-threatening stab wounds. One stab punctured his lung and he could hear air escaping from his body. He looked up and saw the defendant sitting calmly at the table, just staring at him. The defendant made chilling remarks: 'Hurry up and die.' Mr Smith replied: 'Mick help me - phone an ambulance.' He replied: 'You are a strong man you are taking ages to die. I don't know whether to slit your throat now or call an ambulance.'  Having considered the two options, mercifully he called the ambulance on Mr Smith's own phone."

When the ambulance crew arrived, the victim was found to have knife wounds and to have been severely beaten about the face. He had a fractured eye socket and severe bruising. Mr Smith was taken to hospital locally and then transferred to a specialist unit at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

The police arrived and Davies told them he came home to find Vic already on the floor with blood everywhere. The defendant had blood on his hands and his knuckles were allegedly swollen. He said he smashed his hands into the wall because he should have been there. "He was pretending," said Mr Speak. Davies denied he had inflicted the injuries.

When questioned, Davies told the police he was an alcoholic, saying he found Vic on the floor when he came home.