Man Jailed For Takeaway Rape

26 February 2015, 12:59 | Updated: 26 February 2015, 13:07

A man who found a drunken young woman slumped on the floor of a Kentucky Fried Chicken takeaway and then raped her has been jailed.

Maciej Andrzejczyk had been out drinking himself and had taken drugs when he mistakenly walked into the female toilets of the fast food outlet.

But instead of helping the young woman, Polish-born Andrzejczyk attacked her before making off  into the night.

At Luton crown court the 38 year old factory worker of no fixed address, but who was living on friends sofas in the Bedford area, pleaded guilty to raping the 24 year old woman last November.

The court heard the woman had been out with friends in Bedford town centre on the night of November 14 celebrating someone's birthday.

By the end of the night she was extremely drunk and had become separated from her friends as she walked around the town centre on her own.

Alison Ginn, prosecuting, said the woman walked into the KFC restaurant in Tavistock Street feeling unwell and because she wanted to use the toilet.

Afterwards she washed her hands, but then ended up kneeling on the floor with her eyes closed.

Not long afterwards the defendant came into the restaurant.

He too had been out for the night watching a televised football game and drinking.

The court was told he had also taken unknown drugs during the evening.

It may have been by mistake that he entered the ladies toilets but on finding the woman slumped on the floor and not responsive he started touching her when he discovered she wasn't wearing any underware.

The 38-year-old then raped the woman.

Later when the woman realised what had happened to her CCTV footage from the takeaway was examined and the defendant was picked out

Two days after the rape a police officer in Bedford town centre spotted Andrzejczyk on the streets at 3am and recognised him from the footage and he was arrested.

Before he was sentenced, a statement from the victim was read out in court in which she spoke ofthe impact the attack had had on her.

She said it was the worst thing that had ever happened to her adding: "He took advantage of me when I was in an extremely vulnerable situation."

She said she had been unable to shout or make any attempt to fight him off because of her condition.

"He will never  know the pain, anger and humiliation I have had to endureeverytime I go through the process of having to be tested for HIV, hepatitis and other diseases he may have pass d on to me." she said.

The woman said she had been aware of the man's accent during the attack.

As a result she said she was now left feeling tense whenever she heard anyone speaking with an Eastern European accent in the street.

Since the attack she said she had been unable to go out socialising with friends.

"My life is now home, work and back to home. these are my safe places where I know he cannot get to me," she said.

Recorder David Aaronberg jailed Andrzejczyk for five years and three months and told him his name will go on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

He told the victim, who was in court, that he hoped in time the sound of someone speaking with an Eastern European accent would not leave her fearful.