Meet The Parliamentary Candidates For Milton Keynes South

20 April 2015, 06:14 | Updated: 22 April 2015, 12:45

With less than a month until we go to the polls for the General Election, Heart has been speaking to the candidates from the main parties for Milton Keynes South constituency.

Standing in May 7's election is Andrew Pakes for the Labour and Co-operative Party, Lisa Smith for the Liberal Democrats, Iain Stewart is the candidate for the Conservative Party, Vince Peddle for UKIP, Samantha Pancheri for the Green Party, Matthew Gibson for Let's Keep It Real and Independent candidate Stephen Fulton.

We asked the candidates for the three main parties:

  1. If you take the seat of Milton Kenyes South come May the 7th what do you plan to do to deal with rising costs of homes and lack of housing here?
  2. With the population going up what’s your plan on providing for young people with regard to school places and those places being at a good school?
  3. More people obviously means more pressure on health services. What’s your policy on Milton Keynes Hospital and doctors’ surgeries in MK South?
  4. MK South is home to many commuters both on the trains and buses. Firstly on the trains, with fares going up and complaints that the service isn’t good enough for the money we pay – what’s your policy on that?
  5. And for the bus services?

Listen to all the interviews here:

Andrew Pakes for the Labour and Co-operative Party:

Lisa Smith for the Liberal Democrats:


Vince Peddle for UKIP:


Conservative Party candidate Iain Stewart:


Green Party candidate Samantha Pancheri: