MK Baby's Fractured Rib "Consistent With Squeezing"

1 May 2015, 06:21

A Milton Keynes baby's 16-year-old parents have been placed in the spotlight at a family court hearing after he suffered a fractured rib.

Both teenagers had a history of offending - the girl had convictions for assaulting teachers and there was evidence of her having "difficulty managing her temper'', a judge was told.

Judge Karen Venables concluded that the baby had suffered a "non-accidental'' injury, "consistent with squeezing''.

She considered a number of possible "perpetrators'' including the couple and their mothers.

But she said she had no direct evidence of a "particular event'' and could not be sure who had caused the injury.

Detail of the case emerged in a ruling by Judge Venables following a hearing in a family court in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

The judge said she had been asked to establish facts by social workers prior to decisions being made about the boy's future care.

She said it was possible that he would not remain in the care of his parents.

Judge Venables did not identify the family.

She said the baby was nearly six months old when hurt and was in interim foster care pending final rulings on his future.

Both teenagers had been 14 when they met, said the judge.

She said the girl had discovered she was pregnant and had ``notified the father by text''.