MK Boy To Have Proton Beam Tumour Therapy

16 July 2015, 06:00

A family from Milton Keynes have won funding from the NHS to allow them to go to America to so their little boy - who's had a brain tumour - can receive the controversial Proton Beam therapy.

Tommy Lines was just 3 years-old when a MRI scan for a visual impairment found a golf-ball sized tumour in his brain.

Three major brain surgeries later over an 18 month period, he was diagnosed with a very rare grade 4 cancerous tumour.

He now requires radiotherapy - which would leave him brain damaged, and aggressive chemotherapy as the tumour is now inoperable.

Mum and dad, Paul and Lisa Lines have waited 5 weeks to learn Tommy has been given funding by the NHS for Proton Beam Therapy in America; it's the same treatment the desperate parents of Ashya King took their son out of the UK to have in 2014.

But, ahead of new Proton Beam therapy centres due to open in the UK, the NHS has agreeed to fund Tommy's treatment where it's currently available in the UK, his accommodation and travel.

Meawnhile, mum and dad, Paul and Lisa, have to pay for their 6 year-old daughter.

They are also both taking unpaid leave for the duration of the treatment so we need to raise money to pay their mortgage and bills back in the UK and help with everyday living costs associated with being abroad for 10 weeks.

Insurance and Ellie's flight have already cost £1200. When treatment is finished in February 2016 at least they will still have a home to bring Tommy back to.
Friends and family have set up a CrowdFunding website to help mum and dad: