MK Hospital Welcomes Medical Students

27 May 2015, 06:39

The next stage in turning the hospital in Milton Keynes into a University teaching hospital takes place today, with the first group of students from Buckingham Uni arriving.

Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has already been renamed Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The new status reflects the huge expansion of teaching taking place at the trust, most prominently in its recent partnership with the University of Buckingham to create the UK's first independent medical school.

The move to becoming a university hospital will enable the trust to attract, train and retain the best doctors and clinical staff, and contribute towards the financial stability of the organisation.    

This means there will be medical students on-site, interacting with patients, performing examinations, and observing while patients have tests, procedures or operations. If patients have any questions or concerns about students being involved in their care, they are advised to speak to their doctor or nurse.

The change of name is just one of many important steps towards establishing the trust as a world-class centre for teaching excellence. The first students will arrive on wards in May and by the beginning of 2017 a medical school building will have been constructed, which will also create exciting opportunities in the future for all staff in the fields of clinical research and education.    

Joe Harrison, Chief Executive said: "Our change to University hospital status is a milestone in the 30 year history of Milton Keynes Hospital, and also an important symbol of our commitment to developing the hospital into a world class centre for healthcare, teaching and research."

Professor Martin Wetherill, Medical Director said: "In my 25 years at the hospital, seeing us develop from a small district general to becoming a university hospital is one of the proudest moments of my career. The continued growth of the hospital will allow us to expand and improve our services to offer the very best care to the people of Milton Keynes, and beyond."