MK Youngsters Shape City's Future

7 July 2017, 06:00

Milton Keynes

Children and teenagers in Milton Keynes are being told it's not just adults who can have their say on the future of the city - because it'll be them, who'll live in it in future.

On MK's half-century, a competition's now underway for 11 to 18 year-olds to offer their ideas to the people responsible for shaping the city's next 50 years.

Julie Clay, the MK Development Partnership, which is running the competition said:

"They have different needs (to the older generations), technology is going to impact on how people work, live, shop and get about.

So it's really important what's going to be important to today's youngters and teenagers for the future and how they can shape the city and be the place they want it to be."

Julie added:

"Be as creative as you can. We've made the competition as flexible as possible, so you can write about your ideas, create a physical or digital model or design, but however you do it, just get involved."

Charles Macdonald chief executive of MKDP says: “We hope that teachers and students are as excited by this competition as us and that the city’s youth are keen to have their say in the future of their city centre. We are looking forward to receiving a wide variety of ideas before the closing date on October 13th.”

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