MK's New State-Of-The-Art Cinema Opens

27 February 2015, 06:00

Milton Keynes' new state-of-the-art IMAX cinema is officially opening today - with the biggest screen in Buckinghamshire!

Odeon Milton Keynes boasts some of the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment available in cinema today. The state-of-the-art facility also offers the best film experience outside of London and is set to put Milton Keynes back on the cinematic map.

Features of the flagship cinema include:

• 11 screens

• The largest screen in Milton Keynes; an 18.5 metres wide and 10.3 metres high custom built IMAX® screen. The specially designed IMAX® auditorium is equipped with IMAX’s cutting-edge projection system, which delivers crystal clear images, and IMAX’s powerful digital audio system, combining to create a unique environment that makes audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

• Every movie presented in IMAX® cinemas has been digitally re-mastered to enhance the image with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology.

• Two 15-metre large-format Dolby Atmos screens that are all bespoke designed in conjunction with Dolby to achieve the clearest and most detailed audio experience from modern movie soundtracks.

• Metropolitan style Costa coffee shop

• SNOG Frozen Yoghurt Stand

• Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop

The cinema also features ‘The Gallery’ a VIP ticket upgrade option where guests will gain access to private bar, larger seats, more leg room and unlimited nachos, popcorn and soft drinks, letting them experience the latest blockbusters in even more comfort.

ODEON have released a selection of images to bring the sheer size of the screen to life and portray other cinema items as ‘super-size’ - further highlighting the scale of the gigantic screen.

Using perspective photography skills, images show a box depicting the 10.3m x 18.5m size screen being delivered to the cinema, in reality such screens are delivered in gigantic rolls, weighing 120 kilograms and taking a team of 8 screen specialists weeks’ to transform the rolls into a cinema screen. 

Further photography shows an ODEON staff member being dwarfed by a larger-than-life looking frozen drink and huge-looking pick ‘n’ mix sweets at the cinemas’ Milton Keynes Stadium car park.  

The new IMAX screen is bigger than many larger-than-life film characters including Shrek (2.4 metres high), The Hulk (7.6 metres high) and Optimus Prime (9.7 metres high). Meanwhile, the screen is as wide as the F-14 Fighter Jet flown by Tom Cruise in Top Gun and the equivalent width of two and a half double decker buses (see infographic for further comparisons).

ODEON Milton Keynes Stadium General Manager, Stephen Shaw, said: “We wanted to display the size of our IMAX screen in an entertaining and interesting way and hope that these incredible images will set the tone for the level of entertainment people can expect to receive at ODEON Milton Keynes Stadium. If our huge IMAX screen was delivered in this way it would have taken a team of over 100 staff to carry it in, it is truly huge. We can’t wait to take the breath away of our guests when they experience it for the first time.”