MK's New Waste Recovery Park Closer To Completion

16 April 2015, 06:20 | Updated: 16 April 2015, 06:21

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park is continuing to take shape, with work to install key pieces of equipment underway.

The major element of work currently in progress is the second installation phase of equipment for the Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) plant.  This work, which began in mid-March, will take eight weeks and includes the delivery to site and installation of components which will comprise the ATT.  With some pieces of equipment weighing up to 80 tonnes and measuring up to 4.7m wide, this delivery and installation has required careful planning and coordination including specialist crane lifting operations. 

Elsewhere on site, the construction of the buildings which will house the Mechanical Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion processes is ongoing.  The majority of the steelwork for the Mechanical Treatment building is complete, with work progressing well to install cladding to weatherproof the structure.  Work in the Anaerobic Digestion area is progressing as planned.

Construction is due to be completed by January 2016. The facility will then go through commissioning and rigorous testing periods before it is fully operational in September 2016.

Tom Coleman, Operations Director for AmeyCespa East, said: "Progress is continuing at great speed on the new facility, with work continuing to remain on schedule.

"The current phase of work involves the delivery of a number of very large pieces of equipment to site, which has required us to place parking restrictions in the nearby area, as well as the removal of pieces of street furniture. We would like to thank local businesses and residents for their cooperation during this period."

Andy Hudson, Head of Environment and Waste for Milton Keynes Council, said: "We are delighted with the progress being made on the construction of Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park. Anyone visiting the site over the last few months will have noticed how quickly the buildings are taking shape and very soon the majority of this work will be complete, with the focus then being on the installation of the technology.

"This plant will make a real difference to the amount of waste ending up in landfill as well as increasing the amount of material recycled."

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park will be located on Dickens Road in Old Wolverton and will use a combination of three state-of-the-art technologies - Mechanical Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion and Advanced Thermal Treatment to treat 'black sack' waste collected from homes in Milton Keynes.

Together, the technologies will increase the amount of recyclable materials which are removed from the waste, in turn cutting the amount of rubbish sent to landfill to around 3%.