New Born Weighs In At 122 KILOS!

3 October 2014, 12:56 | Updated: 3 October 2014, 13:07

Just two weeks since a new baby elephant was born at Whipsnade, there's a new arrival at Woburn.

After a 22 month pregnancy the long awaited female calf was welcomed into the world by her 20 year-old parents Damini and Raja.
Standing just three foot tall and weighing a healthy 122kg, the calf is currently dwarfed by her mother but is expected to grow up to an impressive three metres tall and weigh in at a hefty four tonnes.
Woburn's Elephant team were thrilled to see the calf, which is yet to be named, up and walking within minutes of her arrival. She is expected to spend her first few days bonding with her mother, exploring her new home in the elephant house, as well as meeting the other female elephants within the herd.     
Terry Shelton, Head of Elephants said:

"Damini has taken to motherhood fantastically. She has been very relaxed, getting to know her newborn with gentle trunk touches whilst her new aunts, Chandrika and Yu-Zin, are able to watch the newborn take its first steps and suckle from Damini."

The 15th Duke of Bedford, commented: "The birth of our newborn elephant is a tribute to all of the elephant and veterinarian staff who have been working with and looking after Damini during her 22 month pregnancy.  It is a fantastic day for Woburn Safari Park and the ongoing conservation of these endangered animals."

A competition is now open to the public to name the youngster