New Compensation Scheme For Thameslink Passengers

29 January 2015, 07:36 | Updated: 29 January 2015, 07:38

The people running Thameslink trains have agreed to improve the compensation offered to long-suffering passengers.

Govia has announced the new compensation scheme which will be paid to passengers who have experienced delays to their service.

The St Albans MP Anne Main has welcomed the scheme saying, ‘I am pleased the Chief Executive took on board my concerns about the unsatisfactory level of compensation being awarded to passengers. Local residents have experienced major disruptions to their daily commute which wasn’t suitably recognised in the existing scheme.

‘At the meeting with the Transport Secretary, I made it very clear that passengers were suffering. I welcome the action taken by Govia that will reinstate the old, more generous compensation scheme from Sunday 1st February.

‘This is a small step towards rectifying some of the many concerns that were brought to my attention from constituents. Passengers who commute on a regular basis have been hit hard because of the major disruptions to the service and difficulties with communications.

‘I look forward to a further meeting next week with the minister and Govia officials where I will continue to push for improvements, and the “meet the managers” sessions in the coming months.’

Govia been making passengers aware of the Enhanced Compensation arrangements where passengers are delayed by more than 30 minutes on 12 occasions in a four week period.

Details can be found here.