New Leads Emerge In Corby Man's Murder Case

On the second anniversary of the murder of Corby man David ‘Les’ Ross, detectives investigating the case have revealed they have a major new lead.

Mr Ross was killed on Monday, December 17, 2012 when he was staying at the Village Inn Express hotel in The Jamb, Corby.

He was staying at the hotel after damage had been caused at his home in Chelveston Drive, Corby.

He was alone in his hotel room at about 7.30am when he was attacked and sadly his death remains an unsolved crime.

But on the anniversary of the attack, Detective Chief Inspector Martin Kinchin has revealed that officers have received vital new information.

He said:

"Sadly there are a number of people who held key information at the time of Mr Ross’s death, but decided not to come forward.

Some of these people now recognise this crime will not be solved without their involvement and are coming forward. In particular this includes a witness who describes a man at the entrance of the hotel about an hour before Les was assaulted.

This is exciting new information and detectives are now trying to identify the man, who is described as wearing dark clothing and having gingery brown hair.

The man was seen to leave the entrance to the hotel, but it is known he was not a guest or employee."

Mr Ross was a well-known and popular figure in Corby, having worked as both a taxi driver and a doorman over many years.

In the weeks before his death he had launched the Rubix nightclub in the town.

DCI Kinchin said: "We always knew this would be a crime which would only be solved through hard work, commitment and the assistance of the public.

We continue to investigate, confident that somebody still holds that key piece of information which, when combined with all the information gathered over two years, will solve this crime.

Mr Ross was an ordinary, hard-working man and we have learned a lot about the circumstances of his death over the last two years.

He should have been celebrating achieving his dream, the opening of the successful Rubix nightclub, but instead he was a man in fear and lying low.

We are grateful that people are still motivated to come forward - determined that this should not happen to anybody else and Les’s killers must not get away with murder."

Police say it is hoped other people who either thought the crime would be solved without their involvement, were scared of giving evidence or perhaps had different allegiances at the time may now come forward with further information.

It is also hoped more people may give information through the anonymous Crimestoppers line, safe in the knowledge their identity would be protected.

A £10,000 Crimestoppers reward has also been offered for information leading to the conviction of the killer.

Anyone with information about the case can call Northamptonshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.