New School Pushes On Despite Police HQ Still Open

2 March 2016, 23:20 | Updated: 2 March 2016, 23:23

More details have been released tonight about the new school planned to replace the police headquarters in Northampton

The county's newest free school is due to open in September, yet 6 months before the first pupils arrive, Wootton Hall Park is still a fully functioning police headquarters for Northamptonshire Police.

Wootton Hall Park School says it's already offered 120 places to their first Year 7 intake but hasn't yet had it's Government Funding Agreement signed off, although it says it's expected to be imminently. 

As previously reported by Heart, the site will begin as a school with pupils being taught in temporary cabins as a "substantial new build" will need to take place as well as some refurbishment of the main building."

Principal Dan Rosser said tonight:

“We are currently working with contractors on both the temporary and permanent building projects. Surveys are being carried out, architects have been engaged and planning permission prepared. We expect work to start on the temporary school in the coming months, ready for completion by mid-July – in plenty of time to welcome our first learners on 5th September.

The temporary site will be located on the edge of the current playing fields and will offer a first-class learning environment including specialist learning facilities including a science lab, catering facilities and a sports field.

Wootton Park School has been substantially oversubscribed and we are delighted by the number of families who have been keen to secure a Year 7 place for their child at our school. All those who have not been offered a place on 1st March have been added to the waiting list.

Those who have applied for a Reception place at Wootton Park School for this September will receive notification of their decision on Monday 18th April, in line with other local schools."